my dowdy cousin , Dina asked me to imagine this . . LOL !
I just wanna let u know ,
be prepared to scare yourself silly . . HEHEE (:

♥ u hunt demons and the demons hunt you back .

♥ u can see dead people , talk to them , and they will answer back .

♥ u are not the child of ur parents' , but satan' .
your parents had soul your soul to the devil way before you was born .

♥ u see things to come ( including dead people ) in your sleep everyday .

♥ u can wake the dead , but you must touch them again within the next minute , or someone else will die .
u can bring dead people to life through the power of your touch . but u must use your power to kill them again in not more than a minute , failing which another person will die ( including your love ones )

wasiat anak dara ; sorry dudes , aku xtau nape entry aku hari ni , bahasa inggeris . korang tau ? hee (:


|u|u ♥ said...

I am a daughter of my cutie parents' , hehee.

miss chekleen said...

ni mesti kes fanatik siri supernatural..

eka said...

bhaHAHA (:

|u|u ♥ said...

happy halloween 2 u =PP

paan said...

kelebihan2 yg xbez...xnak la..hahah

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Ahmad Fakri said...

yap,supernatural d besttttt !

eka said...

lulu ; happy deepavali (:
paan ; sudaa bace (:
fakri ; hermm , gossip girl pon . hee (:

muhammad adam said...

best woo lo dpt power tuh,ko xnak kew doee ?

eka said...

nak laa double doe ?
koe nak bg ker triple doe??


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