ikon remaja ; miley cyrus . she's too sexy , am I right ?

“I’m a completely different person now.” she said .

I love Miley.
She's finally found herself and she's comfortable with this, she's completely happy.
I respect someone like that.
I personally would never wear or do some of the things she does but that doesn't mean I can't look up to her.
I look up to her for different reasons, not because of the clothes she wears or the things she does.”


Ahmad Fakri said...

dah tengok dah klip video ni.

The Official Miss CHEKLEEN said...

go baby go!!!!
im a fan of her..ngeee

eka,dah tgk vc cant be tamed-miley cyrus..
love it..

ekabukanmakcikkau. said...

fakri ; so ?
chekleen ; can't be tamed .
besh giler giler lagu uhh , kan kan ?
ngee (:

myra rara said...

xbloy tengok pon .

ekabukanmakcikkau. said...

cari laa video len ,


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